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“Green ‘Boro’ issue 4” 1991 Local Elections Newsletter from The Central Dun Laoghaire Borough Green Group May 21, 2020

From the 1991 Local Elections, “Green ‘Boro’ issue 4” The Newsletter from The Central Dun Laoghaire Borough Green Group. It gives details of objections for plans for the Harbour Board Plan for the West Pier. It also lists the candidates in the 3 Borough LEAs, Bloackrock, Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock. I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf format here
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Vincent MacDowell -Green Party -Dun Laoghaire -1997 General Election February 16, 2010

The late Vincent MacDowell from the 1997 General Election in DunLaoghaire where he stood for the Green Party. His daughter Nuala Ahern had two terms as an MEP for Leinster (and was an MEP when this election took place in 1997).
Vincent MacDowell had a long and varied career (at He was a member of ‘The Socialist Republican Party’  which was founded in 1944 (wikipedia entry) and the group joined the Labour Party in 1949. In more recent times he was a founder of save our seafront.
This leaflet covers in-depth the major Green issues of the time. Nuclear Power (Sellafied ,Chernobyl),Neutrality , jobs for people not machines and other areas are covered.



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