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1983 Election Leaflet for Tony Blair August 29, 2011

From the 1983 UK General Election a leaflet for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who was running for the first time in Sedgefield. The Oxford graduate was then “a practising Barrister specialising in trade union and industrial law.”
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In Praise of Bertie… 2007 Fianna Fail Election Podcast on the Peace Process featuring Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Bertie and more November 30, 2010

In a time of bad publicity for Fianna Fail, a 2007 Election Podcast that looks at Peace in Northern Ireland.
Amongst those featured are Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Bertie…
I think it was also a party political broadcast.


Posters from the protest at Tony Blairs Dublin Book Signing. September 6, 2010

A series of protest posters from Tony Blairs recent book signing in Dublin. Blair signed books in Easons and also appeared on The Late Late show on RTE. The protests caused him to cancel some further book signings.
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On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ -Irish Anti War Movement 2003 September 3, 2010

On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ a 2003 flyer from The Irish Anti War Movement.
In February 2003 a crowd of 100,000 demonstrated against the War in Iraq. A Month later the war started.
This leaflet is (I think) from early March 2003. When the war started there were to be brief work stoppages and protests at various venues.



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