Irish Election Literature

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On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ -Irish Anti War Movement 2003 September 3, 2010

On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ a 2003 flyer from The Irish Anti War Movement.
In February 2003 a crowd of 100,000 demonstrated against the War in Iraq. A Month later the war started.
This leaflet is (I think) from early March 2003. When the war started there were to be brief work stoppages and protests at various venues.



Esther Uzell- Justice for Joe Rafferty -Dublin South East 2007 February 3, 2010

Esther Uzzell standing for Justice for her brother Joe Rafferty in the 2007 General Election in Dublin South East. 

Full details of the Campaign at  justice for joe campaign

Esther on her campaign is pictured with then US President Georgr Bush and also with Hilary Clinton.



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