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Liam Cosgrave – Fine Gael – Dun Laoghaire 1989 February 1, 2010

The now disgraced former Fine Gael TD Liam T. Cosgrave from the 1989 General Election in Dun Laoghaire.
From a Fine Gael dynasty, Liam T Cosgrave is son of former Fine Gael leader and Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave and also grandson of another former Fine Gael leader W. T. Cosgrave.
Having lost his seat in 1987 Liam Cosgrave again failed to win a seat in 1989 despite having won the fourth most first preferences in a five seat constituency.
In 2003 he resigned from Fine Gael, after evidence in the Mahon tribunal heard that Cosgrave had accepted illegal payments from property developers in return for voting to rezone property in Dublin. In 2005, Cosgrave pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to disclose to the Standards in Public Office Commission a political donation of £2,500 received from lobbyist Frank Dunlop. He was sentenced to 75 hours Community Service.

Liam Cosgrave Junior



Colm Mac Eochaidh -Fine Gael 2002 Dublin South East October 16, 2009

Colm Mac Eochaidh, who along with Michael Smith in 1995 offered a reward of €10,000  for information leading to convictions for corruption in the planning system in Dublin.  He failed in this attempt at election.




Sean Walsh, Chris Flood Dublin South West -1987 GE September 16, 2009

The 1987 General Election- Dublin South West.  This is the Leaflet of  Chris Flood and the late Sean Walsh.
Colm McGrath, recently charged with corruption is pictured as one of the Support Team on the back of the leaflet.
(Tony Fox leaflet : and Don Lydon leaflet

Sean Walsh  ‘who has a long record of dedicated public service” and “is totally committed to the needs of his constituency through his council involvement, his Dail experience  and his local knowledge” came to the attention of the Planning Tribunals.    ….. “his council involvement ……. and his local knowledge” served him well in certain quarters. The Park opposite ‘The Square’ is named after him.

Chris Flood who had his name mentioned in the Tribunals also, “worked unstintingly in the interests of residents…..” etc etc

One or two of the “Support Team” pictured, of John Hannon, Jim Barry, Padraig Lynch, Colm McGrath, Seamus McGowan and Sean Ardagh, have also got a mention at the Tribunals.



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