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Colm Callanan – Christian Solidarity Party 2007 November 4, 2009

Colm Callanan who stood in Laois-Offaly and Longford-Westmeath in the 2007 GE and also in 10 different LEAs in the 2009 local elections….
His electoral record at
Its nice to put a face to a name.
Colm only wants your Number 1 votes (“…a No 2 vote, regrettably, is of little use to me”).
Colm promises “…to take action on … homosexual adoption, increasing levels of porn in newsagents, sexual innuendo in TV ads, etc”






2 Responses to “Colm Callanan – Christian Solidarity Party 2007”

  1. dfallon Says:

    “increasing levels of porn in newsagents”


    I don’t know why I felt the need to look up the CSP leaflets, but I’m glad I did. Just what I expected and more.

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