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“Benefits Of Membership” Leaflet from Young Fine Gael circa 1998 March 21, 2012

From I think late 1998 a leaflet from Young Fine Gael about the benefits of membership. On the reverse are statements from Brian Hayes and Denis Naughten as well as Sarah Hall and Mark O’Doherty. (I wonder is it the Mark O’Doherty who is now a special advisor to Government Chief Whip Paul Kehoe?)


One Response to ““Benefits Of Membership” Leaflet from Young Fine Gael circa 1998”

  1. Miram Farrell PRO Says:

    We are a new club in the midleton area, Owenacurra Macra, our members are between the ages of 17-35, quite similar to yfg and we develop a lot of similar skills, like public speaking, with perhaps a lot more activities such as sports and drama. We are not a political organisation. We are seeking new members so find us on facebook and come along to our next meeting or event!

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