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Flyer for a Richard Bruton meeting on the Seanad Referendum- 5th September 2013 September 5, 2013

A Flyer for a Richard Bruton meeting on the Seanad Referendum to be held on the 5th September 2013 in the Marino Institute. The flyer also briefly outlines Fine Gaels points of arguement.
Many thanks to the sender.



leaflet from ‘Future Matters’ urging a No vote in the Seanad Referendum August 6, 2013

From the forthcoming Referendum on Seanad Abolition, a leaflet from The Future Matters group urging a No vote.
Many thanks to the sender.
(all Seanad campaign leaflets are most welcome)



PD ‘A Nation That Works’ pre 87 election. October 27, 2009

This is a policy doc sent out by the PDs to their members in late 86 I think. Very relevant regarding Seanad Abolition



PD ‘bill to end TDs pensions’, Abolish Seanad etc October 2, 2009

This is the front page of a PD paper type manifesto from 1987.(Apologies for the scan but its two scans put together like a jigsaw, so I’ll do the rest of the pages at a later date).You may need to click on the image to see the full details
Whats brilliant is the following bill put forward in 1986 which included the following….
-Ending pensions to sitting TDs
-Terminating the Senate
-Reducing the number of TDs from 166 to 120
-Reducing the number of junior ministers from 15 to 7 …etc
Does that ring a bell anyone?


‘Dessie Can Do It’ -Progressive Democrats -1987 General Election September 18, 2009

1987 was the PDs first Gerneral Election. There was a bit of a buzz about Dessie (another such as Bertie,Charlie and Garret that the electorate  were on first name terms with). This shows what their initial policies were.

They included abolition of the Seanad and Ministerial Pensions……



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