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‘Dessie Can Do It’ -Progressive Democrats -1987 General Election September 18, 2009

1987 was the PDs first Gerneral Election. There was a bit of a buzz about Dessie (another such as Bertie,Charlie and Garret that the electorate  were on first name terms with). This shows what their initial policies were.

They included abolition of the Seanad and Ministerial Pensions……


One Response to “‘Dessie Can Do It’ -Progressive Democrats -1987 General Election”

  1. […] I think was missing was the 1989 electoral pact with Fine Gael which was a big deal at the time. 'Dessie can Do it' from the 1987 GE A New and exciting Option in Irish Politics booklet from early 1986 These are also from 1986 […]

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