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Flyer from Brian Crowley -Fianna Fail -Ireland South February 14, 2014

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A flyer from Fianna Fail MEP Brian Crowley given out recently in Kilkenny, one of the new areas added to his Ireland South constituency.
His Facebook Page
His website
Many thanks to the sender



“Save Lives -Stop Cuts to Killarney Ambulance Services” Leaflet from Niall Kelleher, John Joe Culloty,John O’Shea- Fianna Fail -Killarney

“Save Lives -Stop Cuts to Killarney Ambulance Services” A leaflet from Fianna Fail Killarney candidates Niall Kelleher, John Joe Culloty and John O’Shea (Anne McEllistrim has since been added to the ticket) as well as Senator Mark Daly and Brian Crowley MEP.
The Niall Kelleher Facebook Campaign Page.
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Gerry Collins, Brian Crowley -Fianna Fail -1999 European Elections Munster January 23, 2013

From the 1999 European Elections a leaflet from Fianna Fail candidates Brian Crowley and Gerry Collins who were running in Munster. Both Collins and Crowley were elected. Crowley with a massive 154,195 votes, the highest number of votes and percentage of votes gotten by a candidate in European Elections in the Republic of Ireland.



Leaflet from Brian Crowley MEP -Fianna Fail -Ireland South September 17, 2012

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A leaflet delivered in some letterboxes this morning in Munster from Fianna Fail MEP Brian Crowley.  Crowley was “….in the area meeting individuals and groups, to prioritise the changing local issues that affect you and your family.”
Many thanks to the sender.



Brian Crowley -Fianna Fail- 1999 European Elections December 30, 2009

The Ever Young looking Brian Crowley from the 1999 European Elections where he topped the poll getting almost 35% of the vote. The Leaflet mentions his time on the ‘Council of State’ as well as other items.




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