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Flyer for a 1979 European Election “Say No To EEC!” Meeting April 20, 2016

From May 1979 a flyer advertising a meeting “Say No To EEC!” organised by The Anti-EEC Committee urging a boycott or a spoiling of Ballot papers in the European Elections due to take place in June 1979.
Among those addressing the meeting were Kadar Asmal, Des Bonass (SLP),Jimmy Graham, Daltun O’Ceallaigh and writer ANthony Cronin.



Socialist Labour Party- Recruitment Leaflet November 18, 2009

This is a recruitment leaflet from the Socialist Labour Party circa 1980.
The Socialist Labour Party was short-lived, having been co-founded in 1977 by Noel Browne and Matt Merrigan (who both had been thrown out of the Labour Party). It finally disbanded just five years later in 1982.
It fought the 1979 local elections as well as the 1981 General Election.
In the 1981 election, Browne was re-elected to the Dail for Dublin North-Central. Other candidates fielded by the Socialist Labour Party included Billy Keegan and Matt Merrigan in Dublin North-West,  Michael O’Donoghue in Dublin North-East and Dermot Boucher in Dún Laoghaire. None of them polled well. Matt Merrigan also stood for the SLP in the 1982 Dublin West By-Election.

In the leaflet we have a piece from the Parties Constitution. Sections on its Policies and activities.
The Socialist Labour Party indicate here its willingness to work with other parties of the left. Rather than use differences , use what parties had in common…
‘..We would seek to avoid the isolation and impotence of many small political groupings on the Irish Left. When we find
ourselves in agreement…. we attempt to work together..’



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