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1990 Leaflet on Overcrowding in College from The Workers Party May 25, 2010

From 1990 a leaflet on Overcrowding in College produced by The Workers Party.
Presumably a lot of it is still relevant today.
Overcrowding demonstrably affects us all, regardless of place of study, and in all aspects of our student-life: lectures, libraries, catering, accommodation and safety. The greatest irony, however, is that the increased pressures placed on students by overcrowding may well lead to increased failure-rates and ultimately decreased graduate numbers!

The Workers’ Party believes education is not a luxury. It is vital for our economic growth, for a healthy political democracy and for the future well-being of our society. We are totally opposed to all cutbacks, either direct or indirect, in the education system.



Loughlin Deegan -Fianna Fail -Rathmines 1999 March 13, 2010

From the 1999 local Elections in Rathmines, former UCD Students Union President Loughlin Deegan running for Fianna Fail. Loughlin Deegan polled 588 votes.



Democratic Left-‘Are Students Getting Value for Money?’ February 16, 2010

A leaflet advertising a Democratic Left Public forum in Maynooth addressed by Eamon Gilmore. The topic ‘Are Students Getting Value for Money?’. I suspect that it was 1992 although I’m not certain.
The usual issues of Grants and facilities are mentioned.


Loughlin Deegan, Michael Donnelly- Fianna Fail -Rathmines 1999 Local Elections February 10, 2010

From the 1999 local elections in Rathmines ward. A flyer for Fianna Fail Candidates Loughlin Deegan and Michael Donnelly.
Loughlin Deegan a former President of the UCD students Union,
Michael Donnelly a former Lord Mayor and long serving councillor.
Michael Donnelly was elected.


“Are you Being Served?” -Young Fine Gael give out about the Banks in 1990. January 29, 2010

“Are you Being Served?” ask Young Fine Gael in 1990. The Banks should look after students, giving them loans, according to Young Fine Gael around 1990.
In my day the banks looked after students by giving them a free fiver when they opened an account.
I’m sure the banks parsimony changed with the Celtic Tiger, Students were probably given mortgages by the banks then!


“Students- Everything you wanted to know about the Workers’ Party” -circa 1990 January 13, 2010

A leaflet produced around 1990 to help recruit Student members to The Workers Party.
Leaflet explains core Workers Party policy, issues that impacted student, the party’s position on the North, Womens issues, international policy, as well as what Democratic Centralism was.
It also goes on to say what a party member would be expected to do.



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