Irish Election Literature

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Leaflet from Mary T. W. Bourke (Mary Robinson) from the 1969 Seanad Elections June 21, 2020

From the 1969 Seanad Elections for the Dublin University Constituency a leaflet from Mary T. W. Bourke who was running in her first Seanad election. She was elected and held her seatuntil her election to the Office of President of Ireland in 1990 as Mary Robinson.
Many thanks to the sender.



1982 Leaflet from The Anti Amendment Campaign May 7, 2018

From the run up to the 1983 Abortion Referendum a leaflet from the The Anti Amendment Campaign outlining their reasons for opposing the holding of a Referendum. It has the founding statement of the Campaign as well as a list of public figures and groups that backed the campaign.
Many thanks to the sender.



1990 Presidential Campaign Anti Mary Robinson Leaflet from Clann Na bFinini (The Family Group) November 27, 2012

From the 1990 Presidential Campaign an Anti Mary Robinson and Austin Currie Leaflet from a group called Clann Na bFinini (The Family Group).
The group labeled Mary Robinson as anti family and much more.

Many thanks to the sender.


Mary Robinson Poster from the 1990 Presidential campaign. August 13, 2010

A poster from the 1990 Presidential campaign of Mary Robinson.
I’ve a leaflet from her campaign posted here.


Mary Robinson ‘A President with a Purpose’ -1990 Presidency October 1, 2009

From the landmark 1990 Presidential Election a leaflet promoting Mary Robinson as ‘A President with a Purpose’. The leaflet has also an endorsement from Dick Spring.



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