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“You can have Fianna Fail or You can have Economic Recovery.. But You Cant Have Both.” -Eric Byrne -Labour 2009 LE December 31, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections a leaflet from former TD Eric Byrne with the headline “You can have Fianna Fail or You can have Economic Recovery.. But You Cant Have Both.” Byrne, running in Crumlin Kimmage was easily elected, topping the poll with over 1.25 quotas.
Byrne will be on the Labour ticket in Dublin South Central in the forthcoming Election.



Anne Marie Martin, Ruairi McGinley -South Central News -Fine Gael 2004 LE Crumlin Kimmage November 11, 2010

From the 2004 local elections a newsletter, ‘South Central News’, from Fine Gael Crumlin Kimmage candidates Anne Marie Martin and Ruairi McGinley. Issues covered include Crime, housing and a message from Gay Mitchell.
Anne Marie Martin was elected, she later resigned her seat and Ruairi McGinley was co opted to replace her.



Letter to voters from Tony McDermott -Green Party -Crumlin Kimmage -2009 LE November 4, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections a letter to voters from Green Party Candidate Tony McDermott running in the Crumlin Kimmage Ward. The Harolds Cross based McDermott had been elected to South Dublin County Council in 2004 for the Terenure Rathfarnham LEA. Amongst other reasons, Boundary changes meant he stood for Dublin City Council in 2009. He failed to win a seat.



Campaign News -The Workers’ Party Crumlin-Drimnagh -Brendan Phelan -2004 Local Elections – August 30, 2010

From the 2004 Local elections a ‘Campaign News’ Leaflet from The Workers Party Candidate Brendan Phelan.
Phelan polled 341 votes.
Amongst the items covered in the leaflet are Bin Tax, Womens Rights, House prices, Health cuts, Workers Rights, The War in Iraq and the LUAS.
The candidates profile mentions Brendan Phelans involvement in Irish Folk Music. He has written many well known folk songs and possibly his best known composition ‘Dublin In My Tears’ has been covered by artists far and wide.



“The Health Service Rejects Those Who Need It Most” Ruairi mcGinley- Fine Gael- Crumlin Kimmage 2009 LE August 29, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections a leaflet for Fine Gael Crumlin Kimmage candidate Ruairi McGinley. McGinley was elected.
The leaflet focuses on Fine Gaels Fair Care policy.



Henry Upton -Labour Party -2009 Local Elections Crumlin Kimmage June 13, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections Labour candidate Henry Upton running in Crimlin Kimmage where he was elected.
Henry Upton is the eldest son of the late Pat Upton T.D. and nephew of Mary Upton.



David Gaynor, Charlie Ardagh -Fianna Fail -2004 LE Crumlin Kimmage May 5, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections in the Crumlin-Kimmage Ward, local Fianna Fail TDs Sean Ardagh and Michael Mulcahy make a plea with voters on behalf of Fianna Fail candidates Charlie Ardagh and David Gaynor. Charlie Ardagh is the son of Sean Ardagh. David Gaynor had been co opted to replace Michael Mulcahy on Dublin City Council.
Charlie Ardagh was elected.



Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil -Labour Party -2004 Local Elections Crumlin-Kimmage April 9, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections in the Crumlin-Kimmage ward, Labour Party candidate Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil. Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil was Eric Byrnes running mate and failed to win a seat.
Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil is now the National Children’s Officer of the GAA.



Robert Sargent -Sinn Fein- Crumlin Kimmage 2004 Local Elections February 18, 2010

In 2004 Sinn Fein candidate Robert Sargent was easily elected to Dublin Corporation for the Crumlin Kimmage LEA. He polled over 3200 votes.
He resigned his seat (handing it back to Sinn Fein) just over two years later.



Eric Byrnes Lotto -Local Elections 2004 October 8, 2009

Eye catching leaflet from Eric Byrne on house prices and the money being made by developers . It made a lot of sense at the time . Although what those houses are worth now is anyones guess.




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