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The Clar for the 1982 Ogra Fianna Fail Annual Conference in Tralee July 13, 2016

The Clar for the 1982 Ogra Fianna Fail 8th National Youth Conference held in Tralee. Among those running for positions were future TDs Mattie McGrath, Sean Haughey and Michael Mulcahy. I’ve uploaded it in pdf format, click here or on the image to open.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Mulcahy Calls For Crackdown On Loutish Behaviour” -Michael Mulcahy -Fianna Fail 2005 February 9, 2012

A 2005 leaflet from then Fianna Fail TD for Dublin South Central Michael Mulcahy with the catchy headline of “Mulcahy Calls For Crackdown On Loutish Behaviour”



Sean Ardagh -Fianna Fail -1997 GE Dublin South Central June 16, 2010

From the 1997 General Election, Fianna Fail candidate Sean Ardagh running in Dublin South Central.
Ardagh, a councillor at the time was elected.
The “Fair Deal for Married Mothers” is an odd one.



David Gaynor, Charlie Ardagh -Fianna Fail -2004 LE Crumlin Kimmage May 5, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections in the Crumlin-Kimmage Ward, local Fianna Fail TDs Sean Ardagh and Michael Mulcahy make a plea with voters on behalf of Fianna Fail candidates Charlie Ardagh and David Gaynor. Charlie Ardagh is the son of Sean Ardagh. David Gaynor had been co opted to replace Michael Mulcahy on Dublin City Council.
Charlie Ardagh was elected.



Michael Mulcahy -1997 GE -Dublin South Central December 24, 2009

Michael Mulcahy stood on four occasions in Dublin South Central before finally being elected in 2002.



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