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July 2006 issue of Leftline -Irish Socialist Network October 13, 2010

The July 2006 Issue of Leftline from the Irish Socialist Network.
I’ve uploaded it in *.PDF to HERE. Clicking on the Image will also launch it.
Social Partnership, The Greens on the march towards Government ,Democracy and the Left and Bolivia taking a turn to the Left are the main articles covered.


‘The Finglas People’- Feb/March 2007 -Irish Socialist Network September 12, 2010

From the run up to the 2007 General Election a newsletter from the Irish Socialist Network ‘The Finglas People’.
Th newsletter mentions John O’Neills candidacy and has a profile of his political History and Community work on the ground.
We also get Issues such as Private Hospitals, the M50 Toll bridge and examples of the inequalities of our Health Services.



Joe Higgins -Socialist Party -Leaflet for the 2009 Local and European Elections August 27, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections and European Elections a Leaflet for Joe Higgins running in Castleknock.
Higgins topped the poll in the Local elections and was also elected in the European Elections.
Many thanks to the sender.


Irish Workers League – No to The Common Market Leaflet 1961 April 3, 2010

I was sent this by a kind reader who notes…
‘…. information leaflet from 1961. It’s a No to the Common Market leaflet, and it was produced by the Irish Workers League, which was the Southern communist organisation at that time – the other grouping being the Communist Party of Northern Ireland. both merged in 1970 to form the CPI.’

It is an interesting enough read telling what would come to pass were we to join the then ‘Common Market’ and giving an Alternative Irish Economy. The EU of today which has no restriction on the flow of capital, goods or labour between member countries’ has come to pass. The effect of Ireland joining as spelt out also came true in areas such as ‘A serious weakening of the position of State industries’, ‘The wiping out of a large section of Irish Industry’ and emigration flourished for 25 years after our initial membership.



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