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Tommy Broughan -Labour Party -2007 GE Dublin North East. April 2, 2010

From the 2007 General Election in Dublin North East, Labour Party candidate Tommy Broughan. Broughan was first elected in 1992 and has held hid seat ever since.



Brody Sweeney -Fine Gael -Dublin North East 2007 February 9, 2010

Brody Sweeney election flyer
From the 2007 General Election in Dublin North East, Fine Gael candidate Brody Sweeney. It was seen as a coup to get the O’Briens Sandwich man on board.
Although polling well, it was his party colleague Terence Flanaghan that won a seat for Fine Gael.



Sadhbh O’Neill, David Healy -Green Party -1992 GE Dublin NE January 12, 2010

David Healy, a prominent Green member/councillor in Dublin for many years. The mention of Esperanto is interesting as a number of Founding members such as Christopher Fettes were enthusiastic about Esperanto.
Sadhbh O’Neill who famously was elected to Dublin City Council in 1991 despite not having campaigned (She was in the US at the time).
Oddly enough, that victory is attributed as part of why the Greens did not do particularly well (or as well as they thought they would) in the 1992 General Election, as some candidates/branches felt that the vote would turn out, canvass or no canvass.
The 6 Billion would have refered to money Albert promised we’d get from Europe.



Anthony Creevey- Democratic Left -1997 Dublin North East January 1, 2010

1997 and The Democratic Left literature was very well produced with lots of colour. On the front a candidate strode and on the reverse the candidate was at the top table.
In 2004 Anthony Creevey was elected to Naas Town Council when running for Fianna Fail.



Owen Poole -Anti Water Charges Campaign 1997 Dublin North-East November 10, 2009

From the 1997 General Election, Anti Water Charges candidate Owen Poole running in Dublin North East.
The ‘template’ for this was also used by The Socialist Party in 1997, although as they were against the Water Charges it may have been a common template.

Poole polled 641 votes.




(Judge) Pat McCartan- Democratic Left -Dublin North East 1992 September 29, 2009

Another Judge who had a Political Career was Pat McCartan. Elected initially in 1987 for The Workers Party, he retained his seat in the 1989 General Election.
McCartan was One of the Six TDs that formed Democratic Left in March 1992. This Leaflet is for the Novemver 1992 election where he lost his seat. The list of organisations he is associated with is very much of the time, CND, The Irish Anti Apartheid movement etc. The DLs 7 point plan is there also.




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