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Podcast -The National Legal Action Group September 17, 2021

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The Taxation Justice Alliance -Episode 70 "The Others" The Alan Kinsella Podcast

Growing from the Anti Water Charges movement in the mid 90's, The Taxation Justice Alliance included The Socialist Party, Seamus Healy, Paddy Mulcahy and Owen Poole and contested the 1997 General Election. Aside from being anti Service Charges, it wanted a fairer tax system for PAYE workers, changes to allowances and the wealthy to be taxed more.
  1. The Taxation Justice Alliance -Episode 70
  2. Independent ex Fianna Fáil candidates in the 1937 General Election
  3. Youth Defence and the 1992 General Election
  4. Franklin Dee -Episode 67
  5. National Association of Tenants Organisations running in Drogheda 1991 and 1994

Founded in 1986, The National Legal Justice Action Group campaigned against Negligence, Corruption and other issues with the Legal Profession as well as taking up the cases of Father Niall Molloy and Patrick Nugent. It contested the 1987 and 1989 General Elections.


From the 1985 Local Elections a personal letter from Liam Kavanagh Minister for the Environment to the Voters of Bray. December 21, 2010

From the 1985 Local Elections a personal letter from Liam Kavanagh Minister for the Environment to the Voters of Bray.
In it he mentions money being provided for amongst other projects the Bray/Shankill By-Pass. Reading it reminded me of those horrendous tailbacks at Shankill and Little Bray.
For the Council the Labour candidates were John Byrne, Barbara Hyland (who later stood as an Independent) and Nancy Mahony running for Wicklow County Council and Paddy Mooney and Siobhan Turner joining them on the ticket for the elections to Bray UDC.
Many thanks to the Sender.


Leaflet from Barbara Hyland- NLJAG /Independent -1989 General Election November 8, 2009

Barbara Hyland has stood multiple times in multiple elections, most notably in 1987 where she along with four other candidates stood for the National Legal Justice Action Group. NLJAG were campaigning against the Law Society, or rather the staus of the Law society as the ‘only avenue of complaint’ if you had ‘Suffered at the hands of the legal profession’.
They wanted an independent ombudsman.
She stood in 13 constituencies top vote of 217 in her home of Wicklow, lowest 33 in Dublin North West.

This is from 1989 where she stood in just Kerry South and Wicklow. She stood again in 1992, 1997 and 2002.  She has various newspaper clips in the leaflet which may give you a better idea as to her motives.

She had stood previously in the Local Elections for Labour.




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