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1960 flyer for Sean Fields, John Kavanagh, James Kelly, Seamus Macken -Fianna Fail -Wicklow. July 26, 2017

From the 1960 Local Elections a flyer for Fianna Fail candidates Sean Fields, John Kavanagh, James Kelly and Seamus Macken running in Wicklow.


Flyer for the Fine Gael candidates Clonmel Corporation from 1961 May 30, 2016

From I assume 1961 a flyer for the Fine Gael candidates running for Clonmel Corporation. Denis Burke has a Park in Clonmel named after him. There were two different Patrick Fitzgeralds on the ticket along with Edward Gahan, Patrick O’Callaghan, Patrick O’Connor , Martin Slater and Michael White.
I’m not sure which of the candidates were elected although the ‘E’ beside their names may indicate that they were elected.


Patrick Connor (Scarteen), Teddy O’Connor, Maurice Traynor -Fine Gael – Killarney -1960 Local Elections January 10, 2014

Two flyers from the 1960 Local Elections in Killarney a flyer for Fine Gael candidates Patrick Connor (Scarteen), Teddy O’Connor and Maurice Traynor and also a sample ballot paper from Patrick Connor (Scarteen). Patrick Connor (Scarteen) was elected.
I’ve also included the results from the election.

The O’Connor Scarteens have been involved in Politics in Kerry since the War of Independence.
4 of them have served on Kerry County Council, contesting and winning every election to Kerry County Council since Fine Gael was founded.
Patrick Connor Scarteen also served in Seanad Eireann and Dail Eireann. His brothers Tom and John were Captain and Brigadier General of the Free State Army until they were killed in their house in Kenmare on 9th September 1922.
In 1976 the O formally removed from the name so they be higher up the ballot paper.

There’s a piece on the family and politics here

Many thanks to the sender.



Ads for An Poblacht Chríostúil (Christian Republic) 1960 LE Waterford and 1965 GE Cork October 22, 2012

From the 1960 Local Elections an Ad for 3 Poblacht Chríostúil candidates Padraig Griffin, Liam Hearne and Liam Jackman who were running for seats on Waterford Corporation.
Griffin polled 102 votes, Hearne 162 votes and Jackman 64 votes with none of them being elected.
The second clipping is from the 1965 General Election campaign where Sylvester Cotter and Alex Miller were running in Cork Mid and Cork City. Cotter polled 498 votes whilst Miller polled 547 votes.
This piece explains the partys policies

The aims and ideals of this Irish Christian party, as published on its membership card are:

“1. To change the present political structure from contentious government to a form of Government based on Christian Principles and Social Justice,
“2. To foster a resurgence of true patriotism by stimulating interest in public and social administration through the study and application of Christian Social Principles.
“3. To prepare candidates for local and national office who will apply these principles for the common good.
“4. To oppose all subversive influences into our Christian and National Heritage.
“5. To work towards a planned economy aimed at the full development of the country’s resources with self-sufficiency and the repopulation of the country as primary considerations.”
According to their wikipedia entry ” Senator Eoghan Harris campaigned for the party and spoke at its rallies”



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