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From 1966 a fully filled “Laois Republican Commeration Committee” Easter draw card July 16, 2010

From 1966 a Laois Republican Commemoration Committee Easter Draw card (I assume its a misspelling of commemoration).
The sender notes
Its a fully filled out Republican Easter draw card from 1966 – not sure if someone ever dropped it in for the draw or just made off with money – it was probably someone from Newbridge (or Droichead Nua) as thats where all the addresses are from.

Note that some of the names and addresses are Army men from The Curragh Camp and of course some are care of ‘The Liffey Bar’ in Newbridge.


2 Responses to “From 1966 a fully filled “Laois Republican Commeration Committee” Easter draw card”

  1. kerryview Says:

    nice to note a Mr Robt. Orange mentioned as a person to send cards and subscriptions to.

  2. Drithleóg Says:

    interesting to see the large number of addresses which would have been Irish Army houses. There’s even a few Sergeants in there!

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