Irish Election Literature

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The Waterboys/Green Alliance benefit concert Oct 1987 November 26, 2009

Its 1987 and the Waterboys do a benefit concert for the Green Alliance with the proceeds ‘going to finance a Green Road Show which will tour the country..’
The concert itself was in the Olympic Ballroom, a few of the songs from the forthcoming Fishermans Blues were played. I think The Sawdoctors may have been the support.(I’m informed the Benzini Brothers were the support)
A Windscale Fire 30th Anniversary Demo, organised by CND, outside the British Embassy is also advertised.
Not too often Chief Seattle gets quoted in Irish political material either…
Probably a misprint too in “We Greens have a saying ‘THINK GLOBALLY, ACT GLOBALLY’“…. should surely read ‘THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY”



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