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The Waterboys/Green Alliance benefit concert Oct 1987 November 26, 2009

Its 1987 and the Waterboys do a benefit concert for the Green Alliance with the proceeds ‘going to finance a Green Road Show which will tour the country..’
The concert itself was in the Olympic Ballroom, a few of the songs from the forthcoming Fishermans Blues were played. I think The Sawdoctors may have been the support.(I’m informed the Benzini Brothers were the support)
A Windscale Fire 30th Anniversary Demo, organised by CND, outside the British Embassy is also advertised.
Not too often Chief Seattle gets quoted in Irish political material either…
Probably a misprint too in “We Greens have a saying ‘THINK GLOBALLY, ACT GLOBALLY’“…. should surely read ‘THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY”


2 Responses to “The Waterboys/Green Alliance benefit concert Oct 1987”

  1. […] A leaflet from a Waterboys benefit concert for the Green Alliance from 1987. At the same time Red Wedge was running in Britain. The leaflet also advertises a CND demo at the British Embassy to mark the 30th Annniversary of the Windscale Fire. I’ve been to other benefit gigs in my time, but its not often they are for a Political Party… […]

  2. Ken Binley Says:

    This was the first Waterboys show I worked on as one of the road crew. I went on to work with the band on a more regular basis after this finishing with them in August of 1993. My working with the band changed my life forever. The Benzine Brothers were in did the support act.

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