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Frank Maher -Fianna Fail -2002 GE Louth June 7, 2010

A leaflet from the 2002 General Election for Fianna Fail candidate in Louth Frank Maher. Drogheda based Maher polled 4,653 votes and narrowly missed out on a seat. He stood again in the 2007 General Election without success.
On the Reverse we see the ‘A lot done, more to do’ with the achievements of the 1997 to 2002 Government listed.



Seamus Kirk, Dermot Ahern and Jimmy Mulroy Louth 1989 October 13, 2009

Seamus Kirk, Dermot Ahern and Jimmy Mulroy.
Seamus Kirk was amid his five year stay as Junior minister for Agriculture.
Jimmy Mulroy had been nominated to the Seanad in 1987.
It was Dermot Aherns second election. He had initially been elected in 1987 and two years later was already assistant chief whip.


Euro 2004- Seamus Kirk mock GAA Programme. September 15, 2009

6th of June 2004 outside Croke Park… Westmeath are playing Dublin and Kildare play Wexford. Seamus Kirk and his team give out mock programmes. The Kildare and Westmeath lineups are listed as well as a message from Seamus in the middle, with a play on a slogan used by the Bank Of Ireland in its GAA themed ads.

Seamus uses the leaflet to copy an article from the Sunday Independent which tells the reader of his political career, his triumph over adversity and his GAA pedigree both on and off the field. You would do well to have something more tailored to your potential audience.

It’s very clever too as it covers a team from both matches and may well be looked at for the afternoon. Given that Westmeath beat Dublin that day (on their way to their first ever Leinster title), it may well have been held on to by a few Westmeath fans. Sport is theme used by many politicians to try to get the voter interested. (more on that another day).

You may also notice that the leaflet is printed by BCR press. (On the List of TDs expenses at    BCR  contribute over €10,000 to Fianna Fail Meath TDs  Noel Dempsey and Johnny Brady).



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