Irish Election Literature

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“A Changing State -Reforming and Rewarding the Public Service” – March 1996 Progressive Democrats November 2, 2010

This was sent to me a while back (many thanks) .
From 1996 a Progressive Democrats a 27 page Document on the Reform of the Public Service. Its pretty interesting considering that they were in power from 1997 until their demise.
Uploaded in pdf HERE or click on the image to launch


Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance -Anti Government Flyer March 3, 2010

Got sent this and thought it of interest. A flyer from The Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance ( It  Illustrates succinctly the gripes of many of the lower paid Public Service Workers (and many others too).
Also why would Tom McEllistrim earn more than Jackie Healy-Rae?

(Should anyone have the Black and White anti Healy-Rae poster shown in a report recently I’d love a copy)


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