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“Why The Irish Vote On The Maastricht Treaty is a Vote On Abortion” January 17, 2013

From the 1992 Maastricht Treaty Referendum campaign a leaflet from three groups, The ‘Support Life Group’, ‘Family and Life’ and ‘Irish Right To Life’. “Why The Irish Vote On The Maastricht E.C. Treaty is a Vote On Abortion”
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“Don’t be bullied -Vote No” to Maastricht -Green Party 1992 February 29, 2012

From the 1992 Maastricht Referendum a “Don’t be bullied -Vote No” leaflet from the Green Party.
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The National Platform – No to Maastricht – ‘Seven Good Reasons for Voting No’ from 1992 September 17, 2009

Given the proximity of Lisbon 2, I figured I’d post stuff from previous European Referendums (or is it Referendi?).

Here is the National Platform asking us to Vote NO to Maastricht. with Seven good reasons to do so.

As you can see it’s roughly the same core arguments used for each European Referendum…

The Convenors of the National Platform are listed as Raymond Crotty and Anthony Coughlan. It was a court case taken by Raymond Crotty that led to us having a Referendum to ratify each European Treaty.


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