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An Irish Sovereignty Movement Membership Form December 17, 2015

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A membership form for the Irish Sovereignty Movement which was a political lobby group in the 1970s and 1980s among those involved was Anthony Coughlan. Aside from a membership application, the leaflet contains it’s policy resolutions, objectives and the methods to achieve the objectives.




1979 ‘EEC Nuclear Declaration’ leaflet from The Irish Sovereignty Movement July 27, 2015

From 1979 an Anti Nuclear leaflet from The Irish Sovereignty Movement. According to wikipedia

The Irish Sovereignty Movement was a political lobby group in the 1970s and 1980s fronted by Anthony Coughlan who was its chairman. It held meetings and produced publications campaigning on various political issues mainly to do with Irish Independence and its relationship with the Common Market, EEC and European Community, Irish neutrality, as well as Northern Ireland.

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ISM page1



The National Platform – No to Maastricht – ‘Seven Good Reasons for Voting No’ from 1992 September 17, 2009

Given the proximity of Lisbon 2, I figured I’d post stuff from previous European Referendums (or is it Referendi?).

Here is the National Platform asking us to Vote NO to Maastricht. with Seven good reasons to do so.

As you can see it’s roughly the same core arguments used for each European Referendum…

The Convenors of the National Platform are listed as Raymond Crotty and Anthony Coughlan. It was a court case taken by Raymond Crotty that led to us having a Referendum to ratify each European Treaty.


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