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Litir um Thoghchán from Micheal Noonan, Kieran O’Donnell -Fine Gael -Limerick #ge16 February 16, 2016

The Litir um Thoghchán from Micheal Noonan and Kieran O’Donnell who are running for Fine Gael in Limerick.
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From 2001 Richard Bruton -Yes to Nice, Yes to Abolition of the Death Penalty, Yes to The International Criminal Court April 3, 2013

From 2001 a leaflet from Fine Gaels Richard Bruton looking for a Yes vote in the Nice Referendum, A Yes vote for the Referendum on the Abolition of the Death Penalty and A Yes Vote to membership of The International Criminal Court.
The leaflet also has a message from the then Fine Gael leader Michael Noonan.
This Nice Treaty Referendum was rejected by voters (and later re run) and the Death Penalty and International Criminal Court Referenda were passed.
Many thanks to the sender.



Michael J Collins, Patrick Costello, Jack Dillon, Patrick C Fitzgerald, Michael Noonan -Fianna Fail -Bruff -1979 Local Elections August 23, 2012

From the 1979 Local Elections a leaflet for Fianna Fail Bruff candidates, Michael J Collins, Patrick Costello, Jack Dillon, Patrick C Fitzgerald and Michael Noonan running for seats on Limerick County Council. Noonan (1,782 votes) and Collins (1353) were elected whilst Dillon (552), Fitzgerald (439) and Costello (244) missed out.


1987 leaflet from Michael Noonan , Tom O’Donnell -Fine Gael -Limerick East June 10, 2012

From the 1987 General Election a leaflet from Fine Gael candidates Michael Noonan and Tom O’Donnell. With a huge PD vote in Limerick, Noonan held on to the seat he first one in 1981, whilst O’Donnell lost the seat he had held since 1961.
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“A message to all my supporters from Michael Noonan TD” – Denis McCarthy -Fine Gael -2009 LE Limerick East July 28, 2011

From the 2009 Local Elections for Limerick City Council a leaflet from Fine Gael candidate Denis McCarthy running in the Limerick East Ward with “A message to all my supporters from Michael Noonan TD”. McCarthy polled 562 votes and was elected.



Kieran O’Donnell -Fine Gael -Limerick East 2007 GE July 8, 2010

From the 2007 General Election a leaflet for Fine Gael candidate in Limerick East Kieran O’Donnell. O’Donnell polled 5,094 votes and was elected.
He is the nephew of former TD and MEP Tom O’Donnell.



Vision, With Purpose -Fine Gael 2002 October 12, 2009

Saw this and it bought back memories of the 2002 election, when Fine Gael were decimated.  Each house would have got this in the run up to the election. I can visualize Michael Noonan saying ‘I want to see our public services become the envy of Europe’…..
… and wasn’t “Vision, With Purpose” one of the worst slogans ever.
So whilst Fine Gael had Michael Noonan witha shocking slogan, Fianna Fail had the blue eyed Bertie with ‘A lot done, more to do’



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