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Young Fine Gael 2000 Conference Programme -Leo Varadkar, Patrick O’Donovan and many more September 26, 2017

The Programme for the 16th National Conference of Young Fine Gael. Contains a message from Leo Varadkar, Patrick O’Donovan and more. It also has motions as well as profiles of candidates for various posts including Leo Varadkar , Lucinda Creigton and Elaine Byrne where we find out all sorts from their “favourite chat up lines” to their “claim to fame”.  I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf format here
Many thanks to the sender.


2007 Election Manifesto from Lucinda Creighton -Fine Gael -Dublin South East September 8, 2017

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From the 2007 General Election , a 16 page manifesto produced by Lucinda Creighton who was running for Fine Gael in Dublin South EastI’ve uploaded it in pdf format here


Leaflet from Lucinda Creighton -Fine Gael -2004 Local Elections November 1, 2016

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From the 2004 Local Elections a leaflet from Lucinda Creighton of Fine Gael running in Pembroke. In this her first election she polled 1567 votes and was elected.
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Flyer from Lucinda Creighton -Renua Ireland -Dublin Bay South September 28, 2015

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A canvass card from Renua Ireland leader Lucinda Creighton, who is running in Dublin Bay South.
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‘News Update -Winter 2013’ from Lucinda Creighton -Reform Alliance -Dublin Bay South December 10, 2013

A news update from former Fine Gael TD Lucinda Creighton. In it she thanks people for their support since she left the party and outlines the policies of the Reform Alliance. It also contains local news.
Many thanks to the sender.



Dublin South East Fine Gael Ad featuring Lucinda Creighton August 30, 2013

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Thought this might be of interest.  Fine Gael in Dublin South East advertising on the back page of the local D4 newspaper. Despite losing the party whip, Lucinda Creighton still features prominently in the Ad…. ……. and of course she is still a member of Fine Gael.
Many thanks to the sender



From 2001 Young Fine Gael Conference -Profiles of candidates (includes Lucinda Creightons favourite Chat up line!) August 27, 2013

From the brochure for the 2001 Young Fine Gael National Conference held in The Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh, profiles of the candidates for the various positions in the party. The questions are fairly ‘Youth politicsish’ so we get to read what candidates favpourite chat up lines are, who they’d like to be stuck in a lift with and so on…
Candidates were Lucinda Creighton, Sean McKiernan, Jarleth Munnelly, Gerry O’Connell, Michael Moriarty, Georgina Robinson and Tomas Ponsonby.
There’s another 2 pages of candidates, including another TD, Which I’ve posted here.
Many thanks to the sender.
(ps I presume this will end up in the Indo uncredited)




“Stability Treaty -A Yes Vote is a vital step in our recovery” Leaflet from Lucinda Creighton Fine Gael -Dublin South East April 30, 2012

“Stability Treaty -A Yes Vote is a vital step in our recovery” Leaflet from Fine Gael junior Minister Lucinda Creighton.



“Lucinda’s Annual Review” -Lucinda Creighton -Summer 2009 October 19, 2010

From the Summer of 2009 a leaflet from Dublin South East Fine Gael TD Lucinda Creighton, “Lucinda’s Annual Review” .
She lists out her issues from the previous year. These included Health Promotion, Ireland’s relationship with Europe, Promoting Business and Competitiveness, Dartmouth Square and Poolbeg Planning Scheme.
Lucindas Priorities for 2009/2010 included ‘Improving Our Economy’ and ‘Accessible Public Transport’.
We also have Her expenses, photos of herself with all sorts from Constituents in Béal na mBláth, to European Commission President José Maunuel Barroso to herself campaigning with George Lee.



‘Sometimes The Grass Is Greener’ -Lucinda Creighton -Fine Gael -2007 GE Dublin South East June 3, 2010

A leaflet produced by Fine Gael candidate Lucinda Creighton for the the 2007 General Election campaign in Dublin South East.
This candidate rejects incineration, protects our Green spaces and supports our environment. proclaims Lucinda.
This was one of many leaflets where candidates tried to out Green the Greens.



Lucinda Creighton’s Beer Mat -Fine Gael -2007 GE Dublin South East February 7, 2010

Very clever electioneering by Lucinda Creighton of Fine Gael in the 2007 General Election in Dublin South East.
A Beer mat with a play on a common drink related slogan.
Another Election related Beer Mat posted here



Lucinda Creighton-Fine Gael 2007- Dublin South East January 24, 2010

Lucinda Creighton From the 2007 General Election in Dublin South East. A Fine Gael Stronghold in Garret Fitzgeralds time, Fine Gael won no seat there in 2002. In the end it was Michael McDowells seat that Creighton took.



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