Irish Election Literature

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Flyer for John Browne -Fianna Fail -Wexford February 20, 2011

Complete with Wexford colours a flyer from Fianna Fail candidate John Browne running in Wexford in the 2011 General Election. On the back of the flyer we have a list of Johns Achievements for Wexford.



‘We’ve made a difference.. You can too… Join Fianna Fail’ -2002 May 31, 2010

From 2002 a leaflet picked up in Wexford with the catchy heading ‘We’ve made a difference.. You can too..’
‘Join Fianna Fail’

The Leaflet paints a wonderful picture of the time, pointing at employment growth, Peace and other items.



Phil Hogan, John Browne ,Andy Cotterell -Fine Gael Carlow-Kilkenny- 1992 December 2, 2009

From the 1992 General Election a leaflet from Fine Gael Carlow Kilkenny candidates John Browne, Andy Cotterell and Phil Hogan. Both Hogan and Browne were elected with Cotterell again falling short as he had done in 1989.

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