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Flyer for John Browne -Fianna Fail -Wexford February 20, 2011

Complete with Wexford colours a flyer from Fianna Fail candidate John Browne running in Wexford in the 2011 General Election. On the back of the flyer we have a list of Johns Achievements for Wexford.


One Response to “Flyer for John Browne -Fianna Fail -Wexford”

  1. It’s not about getting things done, it’s about getting people done! You FF…ers did us good and proper. What’s left is hardly worth digging out of us …it’s virtually all gone!
    But to be fair, if John spent €27m on an opera house he deserves something! If he built extensions to the hospital with his bare hands we owe him surely? And sure didn’t he also make sure that the developers got bailed out, and the bankers too! John and his mates have done a lot …that’s why we’re now screwed!!!!

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