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“FG / Labour Seek To Close A&E” leaflet from Joe Reilly , Sinead Burke -Sinn Fein -Navan May 12, 2014

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“FG / Labour Seek To Close A&E” a leaflet from Joe Reilly and Sinead Burke who are running for Sinn Fein in Navan for seats on Meath County Council.
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Leaflet from Joe Reilly -Sinn Fein -Navan -2014 Local Elections February 12, 2014

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A leaflet from longtime Sinn Fein Councillor Joe Reilly who is running in Navan for a seat on Meath County Council. The leaflet asks for a second preference for his colleague Sinead Burke and a number one vote for Matt Carthy in the European Elections.
Joe Reillys Facebook Campaign Page
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‘Women in An Ireland Of Equals’- Sinn Fein 2002 GE November 1, 2009

Sinn Fein show off all their female candidates sitting and standing happily with a smiling Gerry Adams. The Back of the leaflet covers issues such as equal pay, childcare etc..




E-Voting Election Leaflets and ‘Electronic Voting Its Easy’ Pamphlet September 9, 2009

These are interesting in that they are related to elections conducted by e-voting.

Joe Reilly gives a sample Ballot paper and instructions on how to use the machines.

Whilst Mary Wallace wants you to ‘Press the right Button’

And while we’re at it, the e-voting pamphlet that was sent out to each household in e-voting areas.


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