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Connolly Association and Irish Self-Determination League -Membership Form May 3, 2010

Donor writes….
The membership form for the Connolly Association, the Irish communist grouping in Britain. no date, but 1960s I think.”


Manchester Connolly Association- 1965 Poster for Easter Commemoration Meeting and Parade April 13, 2010

From 1965 a Poster from The Manchester Connolly Association advertising an Easter Commemoration, Meeting and Parade.
The Connolly Association, were the Irish Communist grouping in Britain. Originally called The Connolly Club.
This article on Manchester’s Radical History provides good background. Both Danny Kilcommins and Tommy Watters , speakers at the event are mentioned.
I’m not sure if the Tom Redmond mentioned is the Tom Redmond who was a member of the Irish Workers League and editor of Socialist Voice.


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