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Leaflet from Eoin O Coigligh (Owen Quigley) -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe -Louth 1943 General Election January 15, 2012

From the 1943 General Election a leaflet from Ailtirí na hAiséirghe candidate Eoin O’ Coiglig (Owen Quigley) running in Louth. A former Labour Party councillor he joined Ailtirí na hAiséirghe after their foundation, he polled 585 votes.
He was reelected to Drogheda Corporation and Louth County Council in 1945. Pictured in the leaflet is Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin, The Ceannaire (leader) of the party.
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From the mid 1940s The Ailtirí na hAiséirghe Plan to end Partition January 13, 2012

Something of historical interest from the mid 1940s, The Ailtirí na hAiséirghe Plan to end Partition. The six headings to the plan were ‘Propaganda’ ,’ Passive Resistance’, ‘Physical Force’, ‘Prayer’ , ‘Representatives’ and ‘ Provincial Coucil’.

Ailtirí na hAiséirghe were a relatively popular Christian Nationalist stroke Fascist Party that started in Ireland in the 1940s. There is an excellent book “Architects of The Resurrection” about them with a decent post about it here

In the 1943 General Election the party took its first foray into Electoral Politics fielding four candidates.
Eoin O Coigligh – Louth 585 votes
Sean O Dubhghaill -Cork Borough 1,019 votes
Gearoid O Cuinneagain – Dublin North West 607 votes
Tomas O Dochartaigh – Waterford 943 votes

In the 1944 Election, the party fielded six other candidates, they were
Eoin O Coigligh – Louth 795 votes
Sean O Dubhghaill -Cork Borough 674 votes
Oisin O Droighneain -Dublin County 607 votes
Gearoid O Cuinneagain – Dublin North West 705 votes
Joseph O’Kelly – Roscommon 1217 votes
Liam Walsh (Breathnach) -Waterford 739 votes

In 1945 the party contested the Local Elections winning 9 seats on various Local Authorities. I’ll edit this post in due course with details of those elected , votes etc where possible.

In the 1948 General Election it stood just one candidate.
William Hargadon in Sligo-Leitrim who polled 323 votes.

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