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Gerry Collins Fianna Fail 1999 Euro Elections October 6, 2009

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Gerry Collins from the 1999 European Elections.


Sean Doherty/Mark Killilea Fianna Fail Connaught-Ulster Euro 89 September 29, 2009

Sean Doherty and Mark Killilea from the 1989 Euro Elections. Killilea was elected. Doherty will always be associated with the phone tapping scandal and later on that interview on Nighthawks’ that led in part to Haugheys downfall…. and yes I did pick the second leaflet off the ground.




Nessa Childers – From Green 2004 to Red 2009 September 16, 2009

Found this Nessa Childers leaflet from 2004s Local Elections and thought it worth posting…..

Nessa, daughter of former President Erskine Childers won a seat for the Green Party here. She later resigned the seat and bowed out of politics only to reappear as Labour candidate for Ireland East in the 2009 Euro elections.

In Ireland we often have people leaving parties going Independent or founding their own party/group, often they are welcomed back to the party which they had left.

Not too many elected representatives switch between the main parties, so as a collector I like the fact that I have both the Green and Labour leaflets for Nessa Childers….

We must grasp the opportunities offered by new technologies…‘ she writes in the Labour Leaflet



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