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JJ Power – Green Party -Kildare North by-election 2005 January 29, 2010

Green Party candidate JJ Power from the 2005 Kildare North By-election. JJ is son of former Fianna Fail TD Patrick Power and Brother of current Fianna Fail TD Sean Power. In the 2007 General Election both JJ Power and Brother Sean Power stood in Kildare South. Sean Power was elected.
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Aine Brady -Fianna Fail -2005 Kildare North by Election January 22, 2010

Former teacher ,Aine Brady, who not alone is the sister of two Fianna Fail TDs Michael Kitt and Tom Kitt, but is also married to former Fianna Fail TD Gerry Brady.
This is from the 2005 Kildare North By-election where Aine failed to win the seat. She did however win a seat in 2007.



Paddy McNamara -Labour -2005 Kildare North by-election January 13, 2010

Labour councillor Paddy McNamara from the 2005 Kildare North by-election where he got almost 18% of the vote. The by-election was won by Catherine Murphy.



Gerry Browne -Independent Labour- 2005 Kildare North By-Election January 10, 2010

Gerry Browne the ‘Independent Labour’ candidate in the 2005 by-election in Kildare North caused by Charlie McCreeveys move to Brussells. Browne received 226 votes in a contest won by Catherine Murphy.



Catherine Murphy -Kildare North by-Election 2005 December 22, 2009

Former Workers Party, democratic Left and Labour Councillor Catherine Murphy (who has been very kind in sending her election literature over the years) from her successful by election campaign in 2005. This is just her flyer, I’ll put up more detailed stuff in due course. However it does show the pressures on North Kildare at the time such as school places and recreation facilities, indicating that a lot of the estates built were done so without adequate facilities.



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