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“One Labour Man for Louth and Meath!” – Cathal O’Shannon -Labour Party -1922 General Election -Louth Meath December 8, 2013

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From the 1922 General Election a flyer for Cathal O’Shannon who was running for Labour in the Louth Meath Constituency. He topped the poll and was elected, however he lost his seat running in Louth in 1923 and failed to be elected again in 1927 when running in Meath.
He was a founding member of the Socialist Party of Ireland, led by James Connolly. His wikipedia entry gives details of an interesting life. He was the father of the late broadcaster and journalist Cathal O’Shannon.
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From 1922 leaflets from William O’Brien -Labour -Dublin South (includes sample ballot with Countess Markievicz) September 5, 2012

From the 1922 General Election, two fantastic leaflets from Labour candidate in Dublin South, William O’Brien.
The sample ballot shows that he was up against some prominent (and now historical) figures such as Countess Markievicz.
O’Brien was elected. (result here)
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