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Ad from Michael D Higgins asking for a Yes vote in the 1995 Divorce Referendum March 31, 2011

From the 1995 Divorce Referendum an ad from The Galway Advertiser Newspaper from Labour Party TD Michael D Higgins asking for a Yes vote. The Referendum was passed, but only just.


“Banning Umbrellas does not Stop Rain.Banning Divorce does not Stop Marital Breakdown” Vote Yes -1995 Divorce Referendum December 14, 2010

From the 1995 Divorce Referendum a series of Ads from the Galway For Divorce Group.
‘Banning Umbrellas does not Stop Rain.Banning Divorce does not Stop Marital Breakdown’
Other messages included “Till death do us part” (or alcoholism, infidelity, violence, crime or plain bad luck.)
The 1995 Referendum was passed by just over 9,000 votes. (Result from



“Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster -1995 Divorce Referendum June 27, 2010

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Hello Divorce goodbye daddy
From the 1995 Divorce Referendum, a picture of the infamous “Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster/ Billboard campaign issued by the No Divorce Campaign. Not ‘goodbye Daddy’ but the childish ‘bye bye Daddy’
The Divorce Referendum was passed.


Divorce Referendum 1986- The Association of Lawyers Against the Amendment September 24, 2009

Quite a detailed legalistic document  from the Association of Lawyers against the Amendment. It is difficult at times to read in its original form never mind after going through my scanner.

This goes through the proposed amendments wording and then argues against it. It does give a more balanced Legal arguement (which wouldn’t be too difficult) against the Amendment other than ‘Divorce is wrong’ and so on.




Divorce Referendum 1986- ‘The Balance Of Compassion- 12 Reasons For Saying No’

I dont know what organisation issued the leaflet and cant find anything on ‘Lir Press’ either. There are some incredible reasons in the ’12 Reasons for Saying No’… amongst them…. ‘No one can ignore the sad and condemnable cases of battering husbands. But, by allowing divorce, we permit husbands who have battered their wives to continue this crime into a new, second relationship’

Labour campaigned using the slogan “Put Compassion in the Constitution”

Amongst Other Divorce Referendum items on the site…
Labour Party ‘Yes’ to Divorce 1986
‘The Alice Glenn Report May 1986- A Woman Voting for Divorce is like a Turkey voting for Christmas’
Divorce Action Group- Yes to Divorce
1986- ‘The Association of Lawyers against the Amendment


Labour -Yes to Divorce 1986

This is from the 1986 Divorce Referendum. The Yes side had the simple argument of recognising when a marriage had broken down and giving people a second chance. The No side had legal, moral and other arguements against. As Far as I’m aware Fine Gael whilst in favour of the referendum didn’t officially campaign. Labour were the only major party advocating a Yes vote.



Divorce Action Group -“Vote Yes to Divorce” 1986 Referendum September 18, 2009

Given that it was a contentious issue and parties were split by the issue, the main parties produced little on the 1986 Divorce Referendum.

This is a leaflet from the main Divorce pressure group of the time, The Divorce Action Group. Also refered to as DAG they had been founded in 1980.



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