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“The Labour Policy of Fine Gael” from the mid 1950’s July 6, 2017

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A surprisingly interesting pamphlet produced by Fine Gael in (I think) the mid 1950’s around Workers Rights, Unions and so on. Quite radical by todays standards.


One Response to ““The Labour Policy of Fine Gael” from the mid 1950’s”

  1. Leftist Says:

    It is radical, but not in the way it seems from the first few points. Radical in a rather sinister, far-right sense. Workers would be forced to join a union whose leaders would decide policy in collaboration with employers and strikes would be prohibited. It is a Mussolini-eque corporatism.

    It shows the lingering influence of the Blueshirts and their ideology in the 1950s, and there even echoes of it today, with a proposal remarkably similar to the one above (in relation to binding arbitration) made by Leo Varadkar when standing for leader.

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