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Leaflet from Gary Donnelly- Independent Republican -Derry City Council 2011 May 8, 2011

A Leaflet from Independent Republican (and prominent 32 County Sovereignty Movement member) Gary Donnelly running for a seat on Derry City Council in the 2011 Local Elections in Northern Ireland.
Donnelly is quoted “I’ll be an independent candidate running on an republican agenda. The Sovereignty Movement does not endorse constitutional politics but it is up to individual members whether they choose to stand in elections.”
He ran in the 2005 Local Elections polling 493 votes (8%).
Amongst the issues raised in his leaflet are Derry being the UK City of Culture, A Fair deal for local workers, especially Taxi drivers, The PSNI and Political Prisoners.
He was recently arrested in connection with the murder of Denis Donaldson.
Many Thanks to the sender.


4 Responses to “Leaflet from Gary Donnelly- Independent Republican -Derry City Council 2011”

  1. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    I believe Gary missed out on a seat by .5 of a vote.

  2. Eavan Says:

    Awww Gary Donnelly cares about the less fortunate in his community. Really?
    What about the countless families and businesses he and his goons have extorted and threatened thousands from????
    What about the drug dealers that are allowed pedal their poison as long as they pay the RIRA the right price??
    What about Kieran Doherty?

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