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“Bertie Backs a Winner” -Maire Hoctor Newsletter -Fianna Fail -2002 GE Tipperary North November 29, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a lengthy magazine/newsletter produced by Fianna Fail North Tipperary candidate Marie Hoctor.
It has it all from Bertie pre Mahon allowing himself to be seen at the races with the headline “Bertie Backs a Winner”.
Inside tons of local news, The candidate pictured with what looks like a Waxwork John O’Donoghue as well as many others including Willie O’Dea and the candidates family. We even get a nice picture of Marie Hoctor and running mate Michael smith in Tipp Jerseys. To top it off we have Bertie pictured with a Hurl.
Marie Hoctor was Elected.


2 Responses to ““Bertie Backs a Winner” -Maire Hoctor Newsletter -Fianna Fail -2002 GE Tipperary North”

  1. […] for that matter, from this quarter either. She, herself, admits that Brian Cowan even forgot she existed, failing to inform her of the visit by the Minister for Trade Enterprise and Innovation […]

  2. […] 2002 we have Marie Hoctors newsletter with the pre Mahon headline of “Bertie backs a Winner” and loads of pics of the candidate with various Ministers including one that looks like a waxwork […]

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