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From 1980 -Hunger Strike Bulletin -Issue 2 -IRSP November 2, 2010

First off many thanks to the sender. I’m afraid, despite my best efforts, that its quite difficult to read in parts.
Its issue 2 of the IRSPs Hunger Strike Bulletin produced during the ‘First Hunger strike’ in 1980. The Hunger Strike began on October 27th 1980. Among the Seven initial Hunger Strikers was INLA member John Nixon.
This issue contains a letter from John Nixon and a diary of events for the period between the 26th of October and the 4th of November.
Issue one is posted HERE


4 Responses to “From 1980 -Hunger Strike Bulletin -Issue 2 -IRSP”

  1. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Haven’t read Brendan’s book as yet but I’ve heard he believes he was placed in the same cell as McFeely by the staff in the hope the 2 strong characters would fall out. The opposite was the truth. McFeely’s developments have kept him in the news over the years. McCartney is still an MLA and McKearney continues to be of the most highly regarded anti-GFA Republicans around.

  2. dfallon Says:

    Oh wow,this is an excellent piece to get up online. Nice one.

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  4. […] 1980 The IRSPs ‘Hunger Strike Bulletin’ Issue 2 which contains a letter from John Nixon and a diary of events for the period between the […]

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