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Erskine Childers -“A President for all the nation” -1973 Presidential Election October 29, 2010

An Ad for the late Erskine Childers running in the 1973 Presidential Election. It was interesting that there was no message from Childers himself just one from Lynch.
Also included is a newspaper clipping advertising Fianna Fails Galway Election HQ and a Rally in Eyre Square.
Childers, a TD from 1938 until 1973, had spells as Tánaiste , Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, Minister for Transport and Power, Minister for Lands and Minister for Health.
He was elected to the Presidency in 1973, He passed away on the 17th of November 1974 and was succeeded by Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh.
Taken from the wonderful Galway Advertiser site.


One Response to “Erskine Childers -“A President for all the nation” -1973 Presidential Election”

  1. Alberto Rosso Says:

    The 1973 presidential election was the first I was able to observe up close. At the time Dublin Zoo was running a billboard campaign featuring an orangutan in close up. The layout and image of the subject matter was remarkably similar to that of the FG campaign posters. Unkind souls accounted for Childer’s surprise win by suggesting voters had been unable to tell the difference between the two posters and voted for him as the move from the Zoological Gardens to Áras an Uachtaráin would be not too much of an impost on taxpayers.

    Can anyone remember if Lynch and Cosgrove ignored the ban on entering non-RC churches to attend the funeral at St Patricks?

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