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The Legacy of Seamus Costello -Starry Plough 25th Anniversary Edition 2002 September 28, 2010

Was sent (many thanks) these pages of a 2002 Edition of The Starry Plough, the newspaper of the IRSP. It was a special edition marking the 25th Anniversary of the murder of Seamus Costello.
In this post are The cover of the paper and a very interesting page which cover many things including a profile of Seamus Costello, the foundation of the IRSP and his ultimate murder, which is uploaded in PDF HERE .
(Should anyone have any of Costellos election material. I’d love to post it)
The sender notes too that “Costello was the first (and so far only) leader of an Irish political party to be murdered.


3 Responses to “The Legacy of Seamus Costello -Starry Plough 25th Anniversary Edition 2002”

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  3. Liam Ó Comáin Says:

    The Provos

    Some thought they were republican
    But in reality they were not
    They are but Brit’ auxiliaries
    And a part of the unionist lot.

    Of course there were sincere ones
    Alas, sacrificed from the top
    By some power seeking egos
    And Brit’ agents from the start.

    Oh to those who formed the Provos
    Look at the mess our country’s in
    The foreign grip has been reinforced
    By Gerry and Martin…

    But the cause itself is unbreakable
    And in time we shall overcome
    To see our beloved people
    Sharing the vision of Wolfe Tone.

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