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“Fianna Fail Is Good For Dublin” – 1992 General Election Dublin Manifesto July 21, 2010

From the 1992 General Election a pamphlet “Fianna Fail is Good For Dublin”. It was a slimmed down version of their Manifesto tailored to Dublin.
The “booklet sets out some of our achievements over the past few years, and some of the plans we have developed to continue this work”.

Amongst the items were a “£750 million Job Fund”. Whats interesting here is that it advocated direct state investment by setting up ” a new holding company to invest in job creation”. Plenty of other items of interest too including the introduction of Night buses and radio stations FM104 and 98FM.








2 Responses to ““Fianna Fail Is Good For Dublin” – 1992 General Election Dublin Manifesto”

  1. Sandals Says:

    Am I correct in thinking that the Jobs plan above would not be a million miles from the Right To Work Campaigns suggested strategy?

  2. […] 1992 ‘Fianna Fail is Good For Dublin’. Contains details of amongst other things a proposed “£750 million Job Fund” which involved […]

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