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Terry Kelleher -Socialist Party -2009 LE Balbriggan April 6, 2010

From the 2009 Local Elections in Balbriggan, a leaflet from Socialist Party candidate Terry Kelleher.
Terry Kelleher was running for both Fingal County Council and Balbriggan Town Council. He was elected to Balbriggan Town Council.
He is pictured here with Cllr Clare Daly.



3 Responses to “Terry Kelleher -Socialist Party -2009 LE Balbriggan”

  1. Des Derwin Says:

    Thanks for this great archive and service.

    Could you put up both sides of the leaflets?

  2. Thanks Des,
    There was only the one side to that particular leaflet.
    It did come with a letter from Clare Daly which I’ll post over the weekend.

    There is also the Big colour one produced by The Socialist Party for their candidates in the 2009 LE.

  3. Viewer Says:

    have seen many of your posts and just wanted to say top job a chara.

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