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John Dunne – The Workers Party -1997 Dublin North West February 23, 2010

From the 1997 General Election in Dublin North West,The Workers Party candidate John Dunne.
Issues covered in the leaflet include a wish for the LUAS to service Dublin North West, a strategy for Jobs that may be of use today, a novel Bus users charter as well as plenty of problems the Celtic tiger failed to fully address.


One Response to “John Dunne – The Workers Party -1997 Dublin North West”

  1. Bluethroat Says:

    A young looking John Dunne.
    The Stickies have run him on the ticket in the Ballymun / Finglas ward in recent years.

    Here he is an older looking (but not old looking; that’s a different thing) fella but still got that boyish grin. Kinda like, “I’ve just put the football thru the greenhouse but hey I’m smiling, ya can’t give out to me”.

    The last time John Dunne ran for election was in the Locals in 2009, when the Stickies bizarrely also ran party colleague Owen Martin. I just checked the figures on John Dunne got 343 votes and Owen Martin got 350. In that election onetime Workers Party stalwart John O’Neill also ran and got 462 votes. Talk about splitting the vote. Not only did none of them get elected but also none of them got their expenses covered.

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