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Benny (Benedict) McElwee -Sinn Fein- 1982 Stormont Elections December 21, 2009

This Poster was sent in by a kind reader , who writes …..

It is about as early as you will find from modern day Sinn Féin. It’s from one of the initiatives I think it’s 1982 but it’s definitely the Jim Prior organised one for a Stormont Assembley/Forum which SF fought on an abstenion policy. I think the SDLP ended up the same too.
The candidate is Benny (Benedict) Mcelwee from Bellaghy, the brother of Hunger Striker, Thomas and cousin of Francis Hughes. Second on the paper is Danny Morrison of Ballot box and Armalite fame.

It was for the mid-ulster constituency and this one was the South Derry version. Up until this election, most full on Republicans had stood on a H-Blocks ticket and for the short lived Irish Independence Party so it’s as early a PSF poster as you’ll find.
Ironic indeed the ‘Smash Stormont’ legend at the top, I think the DUP ran with ‘Smash Sinn Féin’ in the same campaign.


2 Responses to “Benny (Benedict) McElwee -Sinn Fein- 1982 Stormont Elections”

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  2. theraggedwagon Says:

    “Vote Nationalist” !! I always thought of Sinn Fein as more Republican than nationalist

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