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Liam MacElhinney – Sinn Fein Letterkenny 1985 October 21, 2009

In 1985, the troubles and their impact were still very much part of life.
Compare Liam MacElinneys profile here which is in effect his CV as a Republican volunteer to the Sinn Fein of today and its very different.
It is of course of its time. At roughly the same time in Dublin, candidates were emphasising their work in the community as well as giving a brief mention to their Republican CV.
‘Section 31’ gets a mention. Also prominent is the fact that Sinn Fein Councillors “.. play a full and active part in the work of their councils…” a nod to let the public know that they took their council seats ?, especially given that Gerry Adams had been elected an MP two years previous and continued the party policy of abstentionism from Westminister.


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