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Famous Cork Independent – Cllr Bernie Murphy-Cork NC and Cork SC 1987 September 9, 2009

1987 General election and Bernie Murphy, having been elected to the council two years previous to much ado, stands for the Dail. As you’ll read he was seen as a Joke candidate and his election caused uproar.The only manifesto I’ve ever bought.
Quite amusing and may bring back memories of the man to many Corkonians.


5 Responses to “Famous Cork Independent – Cllr Bernie Murphy-Cork NC and Cork SC 1987”

  1. WhitestownWay Says:

    God, that brings back some memories. Most Cork folk would remember Bernie, as I do myself, from wandering around the town. Who was it that put him up for it.
    The ructions when he was initially elected were huge, as mentioned by the leaflet.

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  4. john fitzsimons Says:

    was this guy for real? what were his policies? what party was he, if any? how did he spend his time in office? who voted for him?

    i remember him trudging around cork latterly, incoherent and confused.
    i heard he got some compo award after slipping on steps?

  5. theraggedwagon Says:

    I wonder what became of his siblings while they were in ‘care’? – being in those institutions (mentioned in the Ryan Report) in the 50s would have been quite horrendous.

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