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Tomás MacGiolla -‘Dublin People’ -Workers Party Paper- 1994 European Elections. February 4, 2010

The Late Tomás MacGiolla from the 1994 European Elections. Although not winning a seat, he polled respectably.
This is a freesheet given out during the campaign. It highlights The Workers Party policy on the EU.  From the paper you can see how proud Tomás MacGiolla was to have been Lord Mayor of Dublin . The issues of the day both European and domestic are shown too. The real isssue though was jobs….

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Tomas MacGiolla -The Workers Party-1994 European Elections December 2, 2009

On this we have ‘litir um thoghcán’ usually its spelt ‘litir um thoghchán’.
Having been Lord Mayor of Dublin Tomas MacGiolla writes to the ‘Dear Citizens’ of Dublin looking for a vote. 
He Writes…
‘At a time when there is literally enough wealth being created to serve the needs of everyone we have 32% unemployed …’



Tomas MacGiolla Workers Party -Euro 94 – Pub Quiz October 6, 2009

There are many gimmicks to get a voter to hold on to your leaflet, it may list telephone numbers of local services, be a fridge magnet calendar , a sporting fixtures guide, a match programme….. and then there’s the quiz!

A nice picture of yourself on the front and A Quiz where you also sneak yourself in as two of the answers on the back!



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