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‘Roscommon Anti Head Shops Group’ flyer 2010 March 8, 2010

Got sent this (Thanks to Liam Byrne) and as its a hot issue I thought I’d post it. Its has some questions and answers, details of whats available and a message to lobby your TD over the issue…
“What is a Head Shop? – Head shops are retail outlets selling psychoactive, mood-altering “legal highs” as well as drugs paraphernalia. They have a variety of quirky names that appeal to young people.

The Roscommon Anti Head Shops group have protested outside the Dail and have a continuos picket outside the shop in Roscommon. They were featured in a documentary on Head Shops by RTE.



More snow from 82 February 3, 2010

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Found a few more 1982 snow pics.Not as spectacular as the  first one  I posted.

In the first picture the snow covers the road and is at wall height.

The second one is I gather taken later during the thaw and you can see the snow cleared to make the door accessible. Its of St Marks school in Tallaght.

The third one shows how cars were snowed in too.




Picture from the Snow in 1982 January 28, 2010

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Found this at home and scanned it. Its nothing to do with Politics ….
Shows the extent of the Snow back in 1982 though….
Taken up around Knocklyon , I think.

I’ve posted a few other photos from 1982 here too


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